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To print, or not to print that is the real question?

When you talk about printing some heads turn and some guy on the middle of the room raise his voice and shout. "Hey, let's go digital". Well marketing people may disagree, because digital media its not that easy and cheap like its use to be and not everybody are digital content consumers. I dont know about you but I still love to smell the ink in a book, flip pages of the magazines and read the important stuff on paper. Dont get me wrong I love to browse the internet and read all sorts of content spread all over the internet. I even consider myself a content snacker. That being said, when it comes to your business you have to decide what to print and how. Big Companies often have a employee in charge of requisitions and quotes in order to keep industrial cost in place. These person may know about printing or hire printing companies to do their printing by comparing prices between providers and going with the lowest price. Thats not always smart. You may end up paying a lot more if you dont know what youre doing. Make sense_ Well if you're that person or you{re worried about how to get a good deal in printing, the answer its simple. It{s all about knowing the market.

Print brokers know the pros and cons of using different printing companies their machines, and their margins. What ultimately gets the best price is the print solution with the most efficient use of labor, ink, and paper. If you do Hundreds its not the same to do thousand and millons of copies. The bottom line is that when you use a print broker, you will be saving time and money because you dont pay for it, the printer does. The better deal situation ocurrs when your printer know that you have someone who knows and have the bless of his customers. In order to get more business from brokers printer give them special pricing and the broker pass a long this prices. If you go directly to a printshop or copy center you will have the retail price even if you do a big order. The broker will have a better price always and always know the time and place to make an order to get a good deal for you. Its like having a consultant that makes money if save you money. If you pay attention and do the math you will keep saving money on the long run.

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